Hillary Clinton says trafficking of women and girls is “sadly exploding in Ukraine” after Russia’s invasion


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the trafficking of women and girls is “sadly exploding in Ukraine” and neighboring countries after Russia’s invasion. She told “CBS Evening News: anchor and managing editor Norah O’Donnell that women and girls in Ukraine are facing the “worst kind of fear and violence.”

Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, said it’s known that women and girls in Ukraine have “been the victims of not just murder and rape, but kidnapping.” 

“Trafficking is sadly exploding in Ukraine and in the neighboring countries, where girls and women and children have sought refuge,” Clinton said. “So this is this is a horrible, terrible crisis for not just Ukraine, but for the world. We can’t sit by and watch this go on. We have to try to stop it.”

Clinton said Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to seize Ukraine because he has “failed as the president of Russia.” That, she said, is the “real story.” 

“All of a sudden your big, aggressive, nasty neighbor decides he wants what you have. He can’t build it himself,” Clinton said. “I mean, the real story here is that he has failed as the president of Russia. Russia’s development has hardly advanced because he has taken so much of the money out, along with his oligarchs, and they haven’t invested in the people of Russia. So let’s go take our neighbor who wants to look toward Europe, and wants their children to have a better life. Let’s seize their assets. Let’s seize their rich farmland. Let’s seize their mineral resources. Let’s seize their ports on the Black Sea.”

Putin’s war on Ukraine has now raged on for more than two months, with Ukraine showing stronger resistance than many expected. The U.S. has provided Ukraine with billions of dollars’ worth of military assistance and humanitarian and economic support. 

Watch more of Norah O’Donnell’s exclusive interview with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vital Voices CEO Alyse Nelson about the first Global Embassy for Women in the video player below.

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