Speakership hangs in the balance as House votes


The House, under Republican control in the 118th Congress, is poised to elect its new speaker Tuesday, but whether House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy will be able to lock down the majority he needs to become the next speaker remains uncertain, as some of the most right-leaning members of his conference are threatening to vote against him. 

If all members vote, McCarthy will need the support of 218 representatives and can only afford to lose four votes. He faces resistance or outright rejection from at least nine members of his conference. Rep. Andy Biggs, Republican of Arizona, ran against McCarthy in the Republican conference for speaker, and he plans to run again Tuesday on the House floor. Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat of New York, is also running.

CBS News confirmed that McCarthy met with several of his detractors and allies in the speaker suit Monday night. 

Members cannot take their oaths of office until the House has a new speaker. 

 — Melissa Quinn contributed to this report. 

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